Currently BO's approval rating is 45.3.  How low do you think he will go as more and more patriotic Americans are figuring this guy out?

Hope and Change is amounting to nothing more than massive unemployment, doom and gloom, and continuous lies about "his" vision for America!
This one issue will decide the elections this fall.  The illegal immigration issue will be sidelined temporarily,  but just watch what unfolds.

This will be test of Obama, a Muslim look-alike.
So, do you know how the majority of Americans graded president Obama after one year in office?

Take the Report Card Challenge below
Obama Report Card Challenge
Starting to show BO. On 1/27/09 your approval rating was 63.3 approval, 20.0 disapproval. Tied at 47.0 on 3/21/10 and again at 47.9 on 6/19/10. Today 46.0 and 46.3. Hmmm..
* Provide moral leadership in the world * Strengthen our middle class and end poverty * Guarantee universal health care for every American * Lead the fight against global warming * Get America and other countries off our addiction to oil.

Those words above was what Edwards campaigned about.  I agree with items #1, #2, and #5.

The real kicker is his closing statement.  Look at the eighth word...moral.  Thank goodness he didn't make it.

If we want to live in a moral and just America tomorrow, we cannot wait until the next President is elected to begin to take action. Tomorrow begins today.


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